Puff out your chest, Shahi House — Closed

No, seriously, one day Squirrelly, Jr., is going to kill me.

Mama Squirrel was having yet another of her free work holiday lunches, so I was on my own. My options were either to hit the vending machines and hunker down with a bit of solitaire or to venture out. It didn’t take much thought at all to come up with the perfect place to go, Shahi House, the best Pakistani / Indian restaurant in the area.

Our friends and neighbors, Collin and La, blogged about a trip we made with them to sample Shahi House. They loved it, and their blog entry has brought the place new business. Mama and I have been sitting on our review because we have been hoping to try the different dishes that are available for brunch on the weekends. Maybe the Squad can ring out the old year that way.

On my lunch excursion, I went for the chicken biryani. It is possible to get something of a meat and two where you get a large portion of one dish and a smaller portion of another dish. I was just craving the heaping plate of biryani that day, though. The korma is excellent as well. It’s all excellent actually.

Teh Boy’s favorite item is the puffs. Crispy, flaky triangles of dough are filled with nicely seasoned beef, potatoes, or chicken. Originally, the puffs were kept in a case by the register, but it was hard to maintain their quality that way so they are frozen and baked to order now. Call ahead by about 15 minutes to avoid a wait for them. The best thing about this change is that the frozen puffs are now available for sale by the half-dozen. Just take them home and pop them in the oven.

Another item that has changed since our last visit is the boti rolls. Boti rolls are essentially soft tacos with Pakistani seasonings. That may sound a little odd, but they’re absolutely delicious. I believe I could eat my weight in boti rolls. They are made fresh to order now as well.

Shahi House is a bit of a journey, but it is well worth it. Just take Byhalia Road south from Poplar or 385. Look for the BP station just north of Goodman road. Shahi House is in the attached building.

Shahi HouseClosed
3424 Highway 309 N.
Byhalia, Mississippi 39622

Sunday: 10 – 9.
Monday, Tuesday, Thursday – Saturday: 12 – 9
Closed Wednesdays

Cash only

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