Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival wrap up

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And a fine time was had by all. Sunday the Squad headed downtown to enjoy Porter-Leath‘s Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival. We were lucky and had tickets to the Swamp where we were able to sit in the shade and put away large portions of gumbo, crawfish, and boiled shrimp. Um, and a bit of beer, too.

It’s not like the folks who weren’t in the swamp were left out though. A wide variety of vendors sold everything from corn dogs to corn on the cob to gumbo. Best of all, you could buy a big bucket of crawfish straight from the cooker. All you needed then was a shade tree or a nice patch of grass overlooking the river to have an excellent picnic. Combine that with bands, activities for the kids, and a gumbo cooking contest, and you have an action-packed day

Mama’s first job in IT was working on a database at Porter-Leath, so we were thrilled to do our part to support the cause. And as much fun as the festival was, we’ll be back year after year. We’ll remind you about it next year. You shouldn’t miss it.

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