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San Diego offered up a splendid and varied table during my week-long stay without my Squad. In their absence, I did my best to represent the family and send back photos of all the great things they were missing. I wasn’t trying to make them jealous. Honest.

My first San Diego supper wasn’t in San Diego. A Tijuana street cafe provided a great first meal for very little cash. I enjoyed a taco de carne asada and a second taco de carne asada con nopalitos y hongo (cactus leaves and mushrooms). Both were deliciously presented with fresh salsa and thick corn tortillas. I could have stayed there eating those all night. Or at least sipping on margaritas.

Mexican food was the choice for my second San Diego dinner as well. This time, though, I went to San Diego’s Old Town and joined the crowds at Cafe Coyote. The margaritas were wonderful and large, and the fish tacos were huge and tasty.

Jack’s Grille La Jolla provided a taste of luxurious California cuisine. Presentation was beautiful, and the food as amazing. More on Jack’s later.

Pacific Fish Company was a great place to watch the NCAA championship game while eating some sushi. Hawaiian influence was readily felt with their offering of Ahi Poke, a treat I hadn’t had since Maui. I also enjoyed a glass of San Diego-brewed Karl Strauss amber lager.

Rock Bottom Brewery
was some of the best chain food around. No surprises, but it was still a good meal. Hard Rock Cafe offered their typical fare, but the San Diego staff made the meal fun.

El Pescador Fish Market in La Jolla made simple, delicious food. The market side of the business had me ready to move to the coast. The seafood was beautiful, local, and fresh. Some things you just can’t get here in Memphis.

Sammy’s Wood Fired Pizza is a San Diego chain. The pizza was made fresh and there were some definitely un-Memphis choices on the menu like pear and arugula and Thai or Teriyaki shrimp.

The Potato Shack Cafe
in Encinitas made a great last meal before I headed home. The omelet was fabulous, and I really wish I could get avocado in everything around here! Besides, how can you go wrong with a place that serves pancakes the size of manhole covers? Mine was cinnamon and delicious.

And I can’t mention San Diego food without mentioning Chino Farms. They were amazing and wonderful, and we’re still enjoying the bounty I brought back home. More on them later, too.

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