I have a cold. I hate having a cold. My head hurts. My throat hurts. My eyes are all blurry. When I sneeze, it hurts. When I cough, it hurts more. Yes, it is hot toddy time, but what do you eat when you feel this bad?

For me, the answer would be nothing, thanks, just give me my booze and let me sleep. But I don’t live alone and other people do want food. Tonight’s conversation about dinner went something like this:

“What’s for supper, mom?”
“Don’t care.”
“Are you still feeling bad, dear?”
“Yes. Let me die now.”
“What do you feel like eating?”
“Nothing. I don’t care.”
“But what sounds good to you?”
“You need to eat though.”
“Bourbon is acceptable as food. It comes from grain.”
“You have to eat. What do you want?”
“It’s up to you guys.”
“But what sounds good to you?”

At that point, I would glare at both of them except for the fact that my eyes are so puffy that they wouldn’t be able to tell, and that’s just too much effort to waste right now. I can’t complain much, anyway. After all, they did make me a most excellent chicken satay stir-fry for brunch and all I had to do was sit in the comfy chair while they made it. They do try.

But tonight, well, no one wants to cook. And thanks to someone (John T. Edge) who will go unnamed, there has been a ginormous craving for Tops BBQ at our house for most of the day. Even sick, Tops sounds good. And so the boys ventured out into the world to bring mama home a six pack.

No, Tops isn’t the best BBQ in Memphis. But it’s kind of the comfort food of BBQ in Memphis. It’s the BBQ my grandmother would pick up for supper on her way home from work. It’s the BBQ that’s always close by no matter where in town you are. It’s simple, and good, and not as expensive as fast food. And let’s not even get started about the heavenly bite of happiness that is a Tops burger.

So now there is BBQ with slaw on my sandwich and beans on the side. And a bite of burger and some fries. And the requisite gallon of sweet tea.

It mixes well with bourbon.

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