Sometimes ya just gotta

Mama Squirrel put together quite a menu for the week, catfish and french fries, venison medallions with baked potatoes and green beans. She is planning something with cheese grits, poached eggs, and bacon. I am picturing making redeye gravy and plating it like a funky variation on eggs Benedict. I have no idea what she actually has in mind.

We are pretty well stocked, so we only needed to grab a few things at the grocery store. I was grabbing sugar and plastic storage bags. When I got back to the basket, Mama was gone. It’s never a good sign when Mama just disappears in the grocery store. (Of course if Mama were telling this story, she would point out that it is never a good thing when I disappear in the grocery store.) I asked Squirrelly, Jr., where she was. He pointed toward the deli and said, “she went thatta way.”

Sure enough, there she is in the deli. A quick glance at the lady slicing garlic bologna told me that Mama had been hit with a craving. Sure enough, when we got back to the basket, she had already picked up chips and French onion dip. “We’re gonna need a good fresh loaf of bread”, she said.

As soon as we were home and had the groceries put away, Mama started on baloney sammiches, chipotle mayo on mine, Brummel and Brown on hers. Brummel and Brown is Mama’s weirdest (alleged) food as far as I am concerned. Personally, when my heart explodes, it’s going to be from the butter.

That evening, we made a really nice shepherds pie with one of our venison steaks. That was a good family meal. But sometimes ya just gotta give in to that craving.

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