Sorta Sister Squirrel Smoothies, Yum!

Sorta Sister Squirrel sent us this delightful recount and recipe.


I try to make a delicious smoothie at home using an old dinosaur blender. I put the blender together wrong. All the soy milk drains out the bottom, making a disgusting mess and making it very clear I will be electrocuted if I ever touch the blender again. I sob in despair, cling an asp to my bosom, and haul the blender out to the trash. I am sad. Then I ask for a new blender on Freecycle. I receive one. I gingerly wash it out and put it back together, hopefully correctly.


I attempt to make a smoothie, using the following ingredients:

*The remainders of really old frozen fruit from Wild Oats (peaches and something purple, I didn’t even look to see what exact fruit it was)
*Enough soymilk to cover it all
*1 packet of Splenda (It is evil! :O)
*1 raspberry popsicle (for the whole white trash identity crisis thing)

Then I gingerly press “Blend” and hope to God it doesn’t A) electrocute me, B) explode, C) drain out the bottom, D) make my house go black, E) any combination of the above.

Luckily, except for a slight blender-working-too-hard-for-comfort smell, everything worked out okay. It is very, very purple. Here is the smoothie in all its glory:



Here I am, enjoying the smooooth fruits of my labor. Yummmy!


The End.

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