Spin your salad, spin the cylinder

For Christmas we got a Costco membership. We love Costco. We find cheap books and movies. We have a set of pasta bowls that we love that came from there along with our Kitchenaid mixer.

Like my father-in-law, Granddaddy Squirrel, we love Costco lunch. Costco lunch is not a white tablecloth affair. Costco lunch is a moveable feast. One wanders throughout the food section, trying samples of primarily their ready-to-reheat frozen items. After that, it’s on to the snack bar for the main course of a quarter-pound polish sausage or a huge slice of pizza.

When we do shop there for food, we find some guilty pleasures there like massive buckets of cream puffs and cases of mini quiches. We rarely go for those because such things are better made at home. What we do buy is raw ingredients. Last trip we picked up a nice, and nicely priced, pork tenderloin and a bag of sweet Peruvian onions.

We also found that their refrigerated produce section has been greatly expanded. While looking around in the new section, what I found entertaining was a half-off sale on salad greens. The nicely printed signs were scratched through with the new prices above them. One sign clued us in as to why the bargains. A rough scrawl at the bottom read, “contains no spinach”.

For a while there, spinning your salad spinner was about the same as spinning your revolver cylinder in a game of culinary Russian roulette. I am worried about the state of our food system, but for now I just want a nice salad. I’m not worried.

But just in case this is my last post, it was nice knowing you.

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