Squirrel ego surprise

Mama Squirrel, Teh Boy, and I are rather introverted. We love going to events like the Southern Foodways Alliance‘s Camp Shoals and the Lee brothers book release party in Oxford. Usually though, we are wallflowers. We were at the Lee brother’s reception when we got a surprise that had us wallflowers strutting a bit.

We were standing around, doing our wallflower bit, when Matt and Ted Lee came into Off Square Books. Although he looks like he might be a wallflower himself, Ted is anything but. After mixing a few Jack and gingers for folks, Ted walks over to say hello to us.

We introduced ourselves and chatted a bit. Ted noticed that we had brought a galley of their book. We told him that we had reviewed the book on our blog. He asked us what our blog was. When we told him, we got a reply we never expected.

“Oh my gosh, you’re the Squirrels? Wow!”

It turns out that the Lee brothers knew about the review and our blog. Believe me, the blush was from more than the Jack and ginger.

Off Square Books
129 Courthouse Sq
Oxford, MS 38655
(662) 236-2828

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