Squirrellyisms Ed. 12, Op. 4

While Mama Squirrel was stuck at a four-star resort in Palm Springs, Squirrelly, Jr., and I were here with reservations for three to the Bastille Day festivities at La Tourelle. We called up my mom, J Squirrel, and headed out for dinner.

J Squirrel and Teh Boy both had steak and pommes frites. My mom talked to me quite a bit about this and that. Then, not wanting Teh Boy to feel left out of the conversation, she asked him, “so, do you like the potatoes?”

He promptly replied, “oh, yes, I love pommes frites like this, nice and simple with just the cheese and some garlic.”

Later, as we were finishing up our main courses, he proved that he is still a good Southern boy though. Handing me a piece of bread, he asked, “would you put some of the sauce from your pork on this?”

Pommes frites and a good sopping of sauce. That’s my boy.

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