Squirrels in paradise trifecta


Squirrelly, Jr., had been saying that it would be great if I was in Hawaii to see what they are seeing, so Mama Squirrel and I decided to surprise him. Telling Teh Boy that she was picking up a coworker at the airport, she dragged him along. Teh Boy as pretty much speechless when I showed up instead of a random coworker.

My first day was a haze. Fourteen hours en route takes a lot out of you. One thing was clear though, Teh Boy has gone native on me. My fair-haired (and -skinned) child has turned into a junior Doc Savage.

After I got a quick tour of the Grand Wailea Resort, Teh Boy hit the pool, and Mama went to work. I am ashamed to say that my first meal in Hawaii was a pizza — and not even a Hawaiian pizza with pineapple and Canadian bacon. (ok, one of these days I’m gonna have to look into why there is Canadian bacon on a Hawaiian pizza. Although, two of the nicest people I met in Hawaii were Canadian. Hmmm…)

I made up for it with my second meal. Teh Boy, Mama, and two of Mama’s coworkers took me to Roy Yamaguchi‘s in Kihei. I had the same tasting menu that Mama had on her earlier visit. Fortunately Mama took notes on the meal because I was out of it. I do remember that everything was very good, especially the chocolate souffle. There were other desserts that Mama’s coworkers were interested in. Hopefully they will get to go back and try those one day.

After a long night of deep sleep, we went to the resort’s grand breakfast buffet, standard breakfast buffet fare with a few pleasant exceptions. The most interesting part was a small section dedicated to Japanese guests, butterfish, miso soup, and steamed rice. I never did try the soup, but I did try the butterfish. It wasn’t to my liking but that may have been because it was a buffet item. The best part of the buffet was the fruit, cheese, and salad. Fresh fruits and vegetables abound on Hawaii. The high point was the cheese though. Among the excellent cheeses were fresh goat cheeses from Maui’s own Surfing Goat Dairy. Spectacular stuff but that’s a story for another day.

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