Squirrels in paradise

Mama in Hawaii
Mama may not be blogging from paradise, but at least she’s checking in

Mama Squirrel and Squirrelly, Jr., are still living the life of Riley on Maui. Last night’s dinner was at Kincha, a traditional Japanese restaurant on the resort. They haven’t given me a report on the meal yet. What I do know is that the entire restaurant, including the 800 tons of surrounding stone gardens made from stone from the base of Mt. Fuji, was designed and built entirely in Japan then dissembled, shipped to Maui, and reassembled. I’m sure that just as much attention to detail is given to the food.

Wailea Buffet Victim
A warning to guests about eating your weight in fresh pineapple at the breakfast buffet every day

I called this morning to see how things were going. All I learned was that they were headed to a swap meet because “stuff is cheaper there.” Teh Boy has also reported in that his snorkeling excursion was a great success with bunches of turtles and fish, including “some weird stripey ones”.

Wailea Hula Statues

I’m sure the joy of paradise will wear off soon, and all they will want to do is sit around the room composing blog entries. For now though, they are off to a luau. And I am off to a fried baloney sammich.

Wailea Waterfall

Hawaii Chapel

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