Squirrels in Print

I know. I know. We’re bad bloggers these days, but you can still get your Squirrel fix even if we don’t blog the way we should. Just pick up the latest issue of Edible Memphis, turn to page 35, and go for a day trip with Papa Squirrel. Bask in his elegant prose. Laugh out loud at his comedic artistry. Cry because this post, unlike his article, is really that bad, and I can already feel you unsubscribing from our RSS feed.

Pick up the magazine anyway. There are some really great articles that will introduce you to people you’ve never met and maybe get you some behind-the-scenes info on people that you have. There are also great recipes and garden ideas that you don’t want to miss.

Papa Squirrel is available for magazine signings, bat mitzvahs and quinceañeras.

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