Squirrels on the air

Recently, Candice Ludlow of WKNO FM interviewed us for a piece about eating locally. The piece aired last week and can now be heard on their website.

Mama Squirrel was charming and funny while she talked about the chickens. I was, well, I was on the radio, when I talked about our friends.

And many of our friends were a part of the piece. Stephen Hassinger of the Inn at Hunt-Phelan, Keith Forrester of Whitton Flowers & Produce, Mike Lenagar of Neola Farms, and Lovell Pratcher of GrowMemphis were all featured in the piece.

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One thought on “Squirrels on the air

  • June 10, 2008 at 10:08 am

    excellent press for a great movement…good job.

    without your permission, i’ve set up a “twitter feed” to send the rss feeds of your blog posts to twitter. check it out at http://twitter.com/chowmemphis. I’ve compiled Memphis related posts from chowhound, CA articles and a few other sources. Just playing with twitter to figure out possiblities. Let me know if you want me to remove or if you have other blogs that might fit. Staying away from the good local pure wine blogs though. Benito & frederick are great, but not enough of a local connection. I’ve considered Alyce’s but she doesn’t post much.

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