Supper in the Round

Am I a good mom? I try to be.

Am I happy to be in the kitchen? Yes, except for the cleaning up part.

Am I capable of making food that’s better than fast or semi-fast food? Yes, and better in every way.

Do I know how to make coffee? Yes, even though I don’t do it often.

So knowing all of these things, what do we have for supper tonight?

Dunkin Donuts Dinner

That’s right. We have donuts. Dunkin’ Donuts. With a big cup of hot coffee that they were willing to dose up right with cream.

By way of disclaimer, I will admit that I have been craving this ever since the Dunkin’ opened down the street less than 5 minutes from our house on Wednesday. Less than five minutes!!! And me with the willpower of a squirrel at a peanut farm.

I could claim that I’m still out of it from the migraine and cooking just doesn’t sound fun tonight. I could claim that I kind of still have the migraine and the caffeine might help it go away. I’m sure I could come up with some excuse.

There’s not one though. I just wanted donuts. And behold, there are donuts. It’s like magic. Yummy, sweet, crumbly, sugar-glazed magic.

P.S. The seasonal gingerbread donuts are so so so good. And I don’t like chain restaurants most of the time, and I know the Donald’s is just as close, but there’s just something about Dunkin’.


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