Sweet on Bittersweet — Closed

Mama Squirrel and I had a rare opportunity for a long lunch yesterday, so we tried a place she has been wanting to go to, Bittersweet.

Located in a strip mall in Germantown, Bittersweet takes good advantage of the blank slate of a strip mall bay to create a warm space. White tablecloths and good service can do a lot to distract you from the SUVs in the parking lot and the bric-a-brac and pet stores just down the way. Sitting with your back to the window helps too.

Don’t let my mixed feelings on locations distract you though. Bittersweet has a nice menu in a nice space. The first thing we noticed was a strong presence of lobster on the menu. We counted no fewer than six lobster dishes. There was lobster salad, salad with lobster, lobster bisque, a lobster wrap, a lobster roll, and lobster pie.

Mama went for the lobster pie. It was creamy and chock full of lobster. Rather than a crust, it was topped with a crisp triangle of puff pastry. It may not have been a traditional pot pie, but it was delicious. Served with mashed potatoes and green beans, the dish was quite a hearty meal.

I ordered the open-face ribeye sandwich. I should have known that something was amiss when the menu said the sandwich came with fries. I substituted mashed potatoes for the fries thinking I could right a wrong. I couldn’t. The steak was very good, but it wasn’t an open-faced sandwich. It was a regular sandwich that just hadn’t been closed yet. It was a darned good sandwich though.

For dessert we went for the chocolate ecstasy. Our server described it as a chocolate cookie crust topped with fudge topped with a chocolate soufflé. It was a good cake, but I wouldn’t call the top a soufflé. I’m not sure what I would call it. It was more dense than a mousse but less dense than cheesecake. All in all it was a good dessert.

Bittersweet is a bit pricey to be a regular lunch spot, but it would be good for special occasions. We’re also looking forward to going back to try dinner.

Bittersweet RestaurantClosed
7685 Farmington Boulevard, Suite 102
Germantown, Tennessee 38138
(901) 624-9499

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