Texts of Familial Love from Mule Day

From a mother to her son:


Paul and Patric
Thinking of you.

Patric: …
Angela: Did you like the picture?
Patric: Uh… Sure?
Angela: Did you get the picture?
Patric: Yes.
Angela: It’s a mule butt. So it’s like an ass squared. And we thought of you.
Patric: …
Angela: Just no words for how much you love us?



Stripey Knees

Stripey mule knees. Who knew?
Patric: I’m sure the mule did.


Disapproving mule disapproves of your shenanigans.
Patric: Are you bringing an extra mule home with you?
Angela: An extra?
Patric: Well, we’ve already got one.
Angela: I know you can’t possibly be talking about either one of your kind & loving parents.



Patric: No. No, of course not…

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