The Pig is back!

The best radio station in Memphis since, perhaps, the Redbeard days of Rock 103 has returned to the airwaves. Yes, 96 oink 1, The Pig is squealing again.

This is the radio station that Memphis desperately needs, one that plays an eclectic mix of excellent music. There is the harmony of John Prine and Iris DeMent, the tranquil melodies of Led Zeppelin, and the contented musings of Tracy Chapman.

Yeah, those may not be the best descriptions, but then again, this is the radio station that makes “ham-handed segue” a good thing. Take, for instance, the recent fade from The Eagles’ Seven Bridges Road to The Clash and London Calling. It sounds strange, but it was beautiful.

Of course, radio is a business. There have to be commercials to pay for the music. The Pig even gets that right. The first ad I heard on the reborn Pig was a welcome back message from Central Barbecue. Pig-a-licious.

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