The Porter-Leath Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival 2009

Boiled crawfish. Gumbo. Cold beer. Live music. Good times.

That’s all that you have to do to help Porter-Leath help kids.

Porter-Leath helps over 10,000 disadvantaged kids in the Memphis area every year, and they have been doing it since 1850. Over 150 years of working to ensure that our most vulnerable, and most valuable, neighbors, our children, have a chance to grow up safe and well-cared for.

The Rajun Cajun Crawfish Festival will be held on Sunday, April 19, 2009. The event starts off with 500 pounds of free crawfish. That’s right, 500 pounds of tasty mudbugs. During the day, you can bob for crawfish, the kids can watch crawfish races, and everyone can listen to live cajun and zydeco music.

I highly recommend buying tickets to the Swamp VIP tent. I can safely state that the festival is an event not to be missed. Having access to the tent makes it that much better. I have clear, albeit sleepy, memories of a comfy chair in the shade and a plate of crawfish, a bowl of gumbo, and a cold drink. Nothing makes walking around a lively street party better than having a place to retreat to for a chance to eat, drink, and cool your dogs.

If you want to do more than sit back and relax, though, there are other opportunities. For golfers, the Rajun Cajun Crawfish Scramble will be at Galloway on Monday, April 20, 2009.

And for folks who would rather stir than swing, the Gumbo Cook-Off offers $1,000 in prizes. If you win the gumbo cook-off, you will have eternal glory, and every other gumbo cooker will roux the day they came up against you.

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  • May 19, 2009 at 3:17 am

    “Boiled crawfish. Gumbo. Cold beer. Live music. Good times” —- MMmmmm… perfect…. Life is goOoooDdd…

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