The Power of Love Is a Curious Thing

Once upon a time two people met. On the Internet. It could have gone badly. Let’s face it, it could have gone very badly. But the more they talked, the more they both liked what they were hearing until finally they decided it might be nice to talk face-to-face.

So they went to dinner. They ate sushi and realized that they both liked good, interesting food. Then they decided to watch TV, and they found out that they both loved unusual shows and movies. Oh, and there was a good bit of physical attraction going on, too.

It seemed like the more they got to know each other, the more they had in common, and the more they complemented each other’s strong points. Time passed, and the good parts only got better. They started not only working in the same room, but also working on the same projects. They encouraged shared interests and individual talents that had been dormant for a long time. They both found out that they really missed the other if they weren’t together.

Some people might say that they spent too much time together. They carpooled to work every day, chatted online, had lunch together, and rode home together in the evenings. But they liked it. If one of them stayed home and the other drove alone, it just felt lonely. Working on a big project together just gave them that much more time to spend with each other. Maybe the project was just an excuse.

But that’s how it happened. Unlikely, strange, maybe fated. Maybe it was just luck. I just think how lucky I am every day that it happened to me.

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