The SOLE survivor’s local breakfast

We had a fantastic day yesterday. My 73-year-young mother got to the Memphis Farmers Market a full hour before we managed to get our decrepit old selves down there. Patric and Fluffy went with us.

We managed to talk to most of our producer friends for a minute even though they were all swamped with business. It is so exciting to see the market successful.

After we did our shopping and visiting, we headed to our new favorite downtown place Beignet Cafe. Tried the Reuben this time. Fantastic.

Thanks to the manager Charles Duke, we got to try the New Orleans style beignets in addition to the cafe beignets. That put us in a quandary for our next visit because they were both superb. Fortunately, Charles helped us settle the matter. The New Orleans style are perfect as a snack with just a cup of coffee. The cafe style are eggy and rich and the perfect dessert. Maybe I will have to have dessert after my snack next time I’m there.

After the market, Mom headed home and we headed to Collierville to let Fluffy shop at Three Dog Bakery. Fluffy loved it, and the folks there loved him. He got three treats, each dipped in icing, more icing than treat actually. He also got an expensive new stuffed toy that hopefully he won’t destroy in under a week like so many of the others.

When we got back home, it was nap time. We all took longer than normal naps. When we finally woke up we watched a bit of TV. Angela and Patric headed back to bed. I, on the other hand, had slept too long, so I stayed up working a bit. Any poor soul who follows me on Twitter knows that I was up until 3 a.m. allegedly writing.

Being as the other members of the family were snug in their beds, while I was up late banging my head against a keyboard, you might expect that I would be the one sleeping in while they are up bright and chipper. Instead, I find myself the only conscious person in the house.

Angela is in the throes of a sinus headache, bordering on a migraine. Patric is in the throes of sleeping 27 hours a day like a normal adolescent.

At least my sole breakfast was a SOLE breakfast. Yes, this morning I am going sustainable, local, organic, and ethical.

While I cooked, I had a glass of Luzianne tea sweetened with local honey from Peace Bee Farms. OK, tea isn’t local, but Luzianne kept all their employees on the payroll after Katrina. I consider that quite ethical.

I made sausage patties from Barnes heritage pork. While they finished, I wilted some mizuna we bought from the Dodsons. Next, I made an omelet from the most local ingredient of all, eggs from the backyard. I folded in the mizuna and had quite a tasty breakfast.

Ah, and yes, there was coffee. Coffee with chicory from McCarter Coffee Company. That was quite nice as well. Maybe if I make another pot it will revive my family. Or maybe I should just enjoy the quiet.

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