The Squirrels discover the lost continent of Atlantis

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After Tom and Dennis of Bennett Gardening, tilled up a nice, sane ten by ten plot in our backyard, Mama Squirrel and I went shopping for plants. Kids in a candy store. We got all our sets in the ground, and we spread seeds for onions, chives, basil, carrots, radishes, corn, and beans. After our plot was full, we realized that our candy bag was still pretty full too, full of more seeds.

We quickly realized that we would need a larger plot. We have both enjoyed working in our garden, so I didn’t mind taking on the work of expanding the plot a few feet. Our soil is so excellent that I got a really good start with a garden fork.

Then I ran into a small obstacle, a brick. No big deal. Dig it out and set it to the side. Huh. Another brick. And another. And another. After pulling out the first few, I realized that I had changed from gardener to archaeologist.

There actually weren’t that many more bricks. There weren’t enough bricks to make a path. The only thing we can figure is that there was a seating area under the huge tree that was nearby. The tree was huge when it was alive. It has been dead a very long time now. The stump is well rotted.

The bricks were buried under two to four inches of remarkably rich soil. I assume that, like the rest of the yard, years and years of leaves fell and composted in place, burying the brick path.

Mama and I are planning to pull up the bricks so that we can go ahead and expand the garden. We have a gazebo that makes a nice dining area. We plan to incorporate the bricks into the patio that will eventually be under the gazebo.

Our house was built in 1912. Over all those years, it has collected a lot of secrets. We are delighted every time we uncover another one.

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