To heck with milk and bread…

So Friday afternoon, the weather website that we watch regularly started warning about wintry precipitation. Sure enough, it started to sleet. Mama Squirrel and I decided to leave work early and head home. We weren’t too worried about driving in bad weather. We were worried about other Memphians driving in bad weather.

Like hurricanes send people scurrying to the plywood aisle at Home Depot, bad winter weather in the South sends people scurrying to the grocery store for milk and bread.

Mama and I weren’t worried about stocking up on groceries. Our new focus on improving our diet has us with a well-stocked pantry. Heading home in the blustery weather, though, what we did want to stock up on was comfort.

Enter one of our favorite places, Taco Loco. We pass Taco Loco twice a day on our commute. Nothing speaks to your belly on a cold day, or just a hungry day, like hot, authentic Mexican food.

We picked up a burrito and four tacos for us. We got a quesadilla de lengua for Squirrelly, Jr., because every thirteen-year-old boy just loves beef tongue, right? Maybe not all of them do, but Teh Boy most definitely does.

It may not have been the best thing for our diet, but the comfort level was worth the calories. Mama’s analysis showed us that the tacos actually weren’t that bad of a choice since authentic Mexican tacos leave off the cheese and sour cream and top the meat with just fresh onions and cilantro.

So to heck with milk and bread. Give us tortillas and well-seasoned meats any day.

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One thought on “To heck with milk and bread…

  • February 4, 2008 at 12:26 pm

    It is funny how things are different here in The Great White North….12″ of the white stuff falls overnight & it is business as usual the next morning.

    But if you watch the news it is pretty much like it is back in the South. The “WINTER ARMEGEDDON 2008” storm coverage kicks in as soon as they start predicting snow.

    If I had a Memphis snow day, I would have stopped at Tops for a Jumbo with white meat, hot sauce & slaw with an order of baked beans & fries & don’t forget the sweet tea. But I have been jonesing for decent swine since we left the Bluff City.

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