Today is the most specialest, wonderfulest, happiest day in the whole wide world. You see, this day is the anniversary of that fabulous day just a very few short years ago that the world was blessed with the gift of Papa Squirrel!!!!

Come out and join us tonight at 6:30 to celebrate Papa Squirrel’s birthday at the Slow Food Memphis General Meeting at the Inn at Hunt Phelan. Tonight’s meeting will be a BYOB event. Each attendee is asked to bring a bottle of your favorite or most unique wine to sample with everyone else. We’ll have cheese from Mississippi State University with locally made fruit spreads and bread from local Mennonite bakers. We’ll also have updates on the Slow Food Memphis chapter and an open discussion about current food issues in the news. And if you don’t want wine, we’ll have plenty of fun non-alcoholic options available.

Besides, he may be too young to imbibe, but Papa will have his suit on, and you don’t want to miss that.

Happy Belated New Year

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