Triple Meat Medley a la Joss Whedon

“It’s a meat process”
“Doublemeat Palace”
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Muses, sunsets, birds singing, a firm ripe tomato at the market. These are the things that inspire us to art. Grease-caked fast-food workers are not. Or are they?

The hamburger. From the simple home-burger on plain white bread to the quintessential fast-food classic to the truffle-infused Kobe beef creations of the world’s top chefs, perhaps no other food has so thoroughly become an icon of American cuisine. No matter where you go, you can always find a hamburger. The trick is in finding a hamburger that goes beyond the ordinary to become a meal worth remembering.

We like hamburgers at our house, and we like Buffy. As a family, our all-time favorite television show is Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Without going totally fan-boy, let me tell you about an episode. In Doublemeat Palace (season 6, episode 112) Buffy gets the typical fast food job with a uniform so horrible you wouldn’t wish it on anyone you’ve ever met. As Buffy learns in an orientation video all too reminiscent of authentic job orientation videos, the restaurant’s signature doublemeat medley occurs when the cow and the chicken get together and get all “swirly”. Mmmm. For some unfathomable reason, no restaurant seems to have picked up this creation and put it in the spotlight it deserves. So, cometh the Squirrel Squad, a little bit (?) of insanity, and a big skillet.


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