Use your brain


After our excellent Christmas dinner, we used our goose carcass to make stock. We love making our own stock. It makes excellent soups and rich polenta. Usually we put the stock into containers and chill it. After our big dinner preparations, we were short on containers though, so we poured some of the stock into a big mixing bowl to let it chill.

We knew what to expect. The schmaltz would float to the surface and solidify, and the stock itself would thicken when chilled. We were particularly excited about the goose schmaltz. We plan to use it to sauté onions and mushrooms for a barley soup.

What we did not expect is that schmaltz could be brain food. Or something like that anyway. The next morning we checked on our stock and were amazed to see that our solid, smooth slab of fatty goodness had taken on a life of its own. Somehow the schmaltz developed brain-like wrinkles. Now I just have to see if we feel smarter after we have the soup.

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