Veggie of the week: kohlrabi

The Forresters of Whitton Flower & Produce have a wise saying on their website and on the back of their van, “if you know your farmer, you know your food.”

We are proud to know our farmers. We know and trust the food they grow for us. Well, except for kohlrabi. What the heck is up with kohlrabi?

We like our farmers. We trust our farmers, so we didn’t hesitate to try their kohlrabi. Lori Greene of Downing Hollow Farm had tiny purple ones. The Dodsons had larger green ones.

After a bit of research, we learned that kohlrabi is great lightly cooked or even raw when small.

We pulled off the leaves and stems, cut off the root end, and diced the kohlrabi without peeling it. Next, we threw the cubes into a hot wok along with baby garlic, baby red onions, fresh English peas, and small pieces of a Neola Farms sirloin tip roast.

Mama Squirrel added a bit of salt and liberal amounts of Sriracha chile sauce. When everything was about done cooking, she added a bit of Peace Bee Farms honey to take some of the edge off of the heat. Fantastic stuff.

The kohlrabi is crunchy and sweet. I am thinking about slicing it thinly on the mandolin and flash frying it. I’ll let you know how that goes.

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