Tomorrow is one of the most important days in American history. No matter how this turns out, this is a historic election that will break barriers that have been in place since our country was founded. Don’t just sit back and let history happen without you.

I keep hearing about undecided voters. I have to say that I don’t understand how anyone can be undecided in this election. There are differences between Obama and McCain that can’t be ignored. If you believe that everyone in America deserves to have the same rights, you can’t vote for McCain and Palin. If you really believe that women’s health issues belong in derisive air quotes, you can’t vote for Obama and Biden. You might not be sure who you should vote for, but you ought to know where you stand well enough to know who you shouldn’t vote for.

I know where we at the Squirrel Nest sit on this. We knew which candidate we thought would take this country where it needs to be. We think that it’s time to stop the hate and the anger that seem to be endemic in the Republican party. We think it’s time for all Americans to have the same rights regardless of gender or marital status or sexual orientation. We think it’s time for us to have a president who thinks diplomacy is a better course of action than pre-emptive war. We voted early, and we voted for Obama.

It may seem melodramatic, but this election seems like a turning point for America. If we vote for Obama, we turn towards peace, equality, and progress. If we vote for McCain, we move towards more war, discrimination, and loss of rights that so many of us have known our whole lives.

Do I think that life will be a big bowl of cherries if we wake up Wednesday morning with President Obama? No. But I think it will say a lot about our country. I think it will be a country that we can all be proud of. I think we’ll be able to go abroad and not be scared to say that we’re Americans. I think I won’t have to worry about my son having to go to war in 4 short years whether it’s his decision or not.

The lines will be long tomorrow no matter where you live. But this election is worth your time. Let your voice be heard. VOTE!

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