Wag your tail

Princess Ursula
Princess Ursula

One of these days we’re gonna kill Teh Boy.

So Squirrelly, Jr., comes home and tells us that his best friend’s mom has invited him for a Friday night holiday dinner. That’s fine with us. We like his friend. They can be brainy nerds playing his lucky friend’s Wii for a while.

When it’s time for Teh Boy to go we head to the car. Since it’s just a short trip to Friend Squirrel’s house, we decide that our lab mix Ursula might as well go for the ride. When we get there, we go in and play with their three dogs for a minute. Then we meet the friend’s mom and tell her we just wanted to say hi and now we’ll head out. It turns out that we were invited to dinner, too. Twelve-year-olds communicate oh so well.

We explained about having the dog in the car. They have three dogs in the house, so they had no objections to one more. We weren’t sure how Ursula would react to their Jack Russell terrier — she has small dog issues. (She has squeaky toy issues, too, but that’s another story.) We were also worried about her getting up and down stairs since she’s not used to that at home. She did just fine though.

While our pink child was ensconced upstairs in Wii-land, our furry blonde child was downstairs making quite the impression on everyone with her excellent manners. As a reward, she got her share of excellent “turducken” hors d’oeuvres, a bit of ham rolled in venison sausage that was then rolled in bacon and grilled.

We had a wonderful dinner of ham, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, deviled eggs and so much more. While we ate, I snuck bits of ham to Ursula who spent most of dinner in polite expectation behind my chair. After dinner, our host brought out big pieces of ham and tossed bits of them to Ursula and two of his dogs. She was definitely won over at that point. So were we.

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