We Ate It Anyway

Supper tonight was going to be blogged about tonight with a recipe and everything. As you see, that’s not what happened. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t exactly what it needed to be. Adjustments to quantities have been made, and the experiment will repeat tomorrow. Tonight, we ate it anyway.

Lunch kind of took the same path. It wasn’t a recipe problem, but it didn’t turn out the way we expected. We made Reubens. We had rye bread with visible caraway seeds. We had sauerkraut. We had cheese, provolone instead of Swiss, but that was ok. We had pastrami sliced just thin enough to fold onto the bread consistently. We had Russian dressing that I made myself. It should have been perfect. It almost was except that I got my slices of bread mixed up so the sandwiches didn’t fit together the way they should have, and they got a little too toasty without heating all the way through because the broiler was on. Our oven vents over the burners, so the griddle got way too hot. But overall, they were good.

This has not been a good cooking day. This has been one of those days when you want to take a hammer and smash shiny expensive things into tiny shiny expensive pieces. Patric’s iMac started acting strange. It was running slow and applications were crashing. This is annoying but not unexpected since teenagers like to install things they find on the internet without really checking into them. He tried to fix it himself. Repeatedly. To the point that there have been system disks and reformatted hard drives.

I got tired of hearing “but I did what it said”, so I took over. At this point, the best thing to do was to start over, after all, there wasn’t any data left to save. So I did. I got the OS it came with installed. I checked disk integrity, and all was not well. It was fixable, though. So I updated that OS. Everything went well. So I upgraded to the OS he had been running, the one that his computer has been running since it came home with us. And there were updates — no surprise. And then it froze. And then it wasn’t happy. Disk integrity wouldn’t even run all the way through. All my Unix skills from years past didn’t help. No matter what I did, it wouldn’t fix itself. I have been pulling my hair out for hours now. There has been profanity. A lot of profanity. And now I have decided that I am done for the day. It’s over. Tomorrow I will try again.

I think.

If you hear the smashing of expensive things, you’ll know it didn’t go well.

But now, there are peanuts. And with peanuts come the peanut song. And it’s stuck in all of our heads now. You know, Found a Peanut. From Brownies and Cub Scouts. The song with a million verses. But the one that most applies to us?

Ate it anyway.

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