Webcomics and food: Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal

I am a huge fan of webcomics. I read them daily, but I haven’t posted anything about one in a very long time. Recently, one of my favorites reminded me that I should talk about webcomics and food. And this one even has a food related title.

Although the name Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal brings to mind those wholesome days spent watching the Roadrunner subject Wile E. Coyote to unspeakable acts of brutal violence, SMBC is definitely not a family-friendly comic.

Creator Zach Weiner’s acerbic wit has brought about strips like “The First Date Drinking Game” and “The Most Horrific Image Contest”. From time to time, he shows his particularly keen insight into the foibles of human nature as in this food-related strip.

This comic may be interpreted several ways. One instinct I have is to read it as “Suck it, Vegans!” The more evolved portions of my brain think of it as a call for mindfulness in our eating — to consider both the carbon and karmic footprint of our eating.

I am an unabashed carnivore. I do, however, consider where the meat I eat comes from. I am doing a decent job of ensuring that the meat I eat came from humanely raised animals. I have also done what I can not to be disconnected from meat as a food source. I have seen animals killed for food, and I have killed animals for food myself.

If you choose not to eat meat, I respect your decision. If you choose to eat meat, I have great recipes. Either way, I urge you to be mindful of what you eat.

But this isn’t supposed to be a preachy post. This is all about humor. And in that spirit, I suggest you also read this food-related SMBC strip. If you are a mature person, I suggest you read all of Zach’s work. Just be warned — you’ll never look at Wonder Woman’s Lasso of Truth the same way again.

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