Webcomics and food

I am a huge fan of webcomics. I read around two dozen comics on a regular basis. I have often seen comics that I considered mentioning on the blog. This week two comics really struck me, so here we go.

Savage Chickens by Doug savage is a one panel comic starring, well, two chickens. This strip, however, features recurring cast member Timmy Tofu. See? Chickens and tofu is food.

Yeah, chickens and tofu are food. Rabid squirrels? Well, we’ll leave that bit to you to figure out.

Chris Onstad, the creator of Achewood, is perhaps the most brilliant, and bizarre, writer the world has today. His humor defies description. Sometimes his oddball sense of humor is dead on though like this strip.

Onstad writes a blog that focuses primarily on his membership in the bacon of the month club. He loves good food, but I have never really noticed political writing from him. Yes, you really need to start reading Achewood from the start to know why a cat named Ray Smuckles is running for President, but if you ignore the surreal elements, you can (or at least I can) practically hear a John Edwards campaign promise in that strip. After all, Edwards is the only candidate speaking out about the state of agriculture today. Making chicken taste like chicken again is what we all want after all.

Yes, I am reading way too much into a brilliant bit of humor, but that is what the best art does — it leaves itself open to interpretation.

So there. My first two recommendations for webcomics that you really should be reading, Savage Chickens and Achewood. Yes, I can often imagine our chickens having the conversations that Doug Savage’s chickens. And no, I can almost never imagine anyone having the conversations that Chris Onstad’s cats have.

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