What is good service? Restaurant Iris answers

After a recent stressful day, Angela and I decided we didn’t feel like cooking. Since it was the middle of the week, we decided to take a chance on Restaurant Iris, even though we didn’t have reservations. We were lucky enough to get the only open table.

For Angela, on her stressful day, good service meant being brought a French 75 almost as soon as she sat down. Dining somewhere regularly has its advantages.

For me, though, good service meant the treatment received by the table of people new to the restaurant. I seem to have spent at least half of dinner listening to Jeff Frisby tell them about dishes and ingredients and beverages. Of course, one part of good service is the expertise that the server brings to the table concerning the menu.

That expertise might be no more than an actor learning his lines and reciting the dishes on the menu. While I appreciate receiving this information correctly, the Restaurant Iris experience goes far beyond this. Rather than an actor, listening to Jeff gave me the sense of listening to a tent revival, albeit a very low key one. In my mind, his explanations were a bit different from what anyone else heard.

I heard, “and the Lord said unto Kelly, ‘thou shalt place the bass upon the lobster risotto. Be fruitful and garnish with fried okra.’ And the Lord looked upon the court bouillon, and He saw that it was good.”

Naturally, this was only my own rather strange interpretation of what was actually a very professional discussion of the menu. Nonetheless, the entire staff at Restaurant Iris are suffused with a passion for the menu and for the entire restaurant. This fact stems, for one thing, from the superb food prepared by Kelly English and his kitchen crew. More than food, though, it is leadership from Chef English and a similar passion that inspires his staff. This inspiration shows with every step, every gesture, every moment of the excellent service at Restaurant Iris.

Needless to say, we had yet another wonderful meal. Rather than discuss that now, however, I will simply encourage everyone to call Restaurant Iris for a reservation and discover the joys of the place for themselves.

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