Which came first, the chicken or the egg?

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We don’t talk all that much about them, but we adore our chickens and their eggs. We also really enjoy sharing those eggs with our friends and family. Admittedly, we get more eggs than our little family of three can possibly hope to consume, but we don’t get enough to share the bounty with everyone we would like to.

So… it was back to the chicken store to increase our flock. My Pet Chicken took our order, and then we waited until our babies were born and ready to come home. That would be yesterday. Our long-suffering mailman called this morning to tell us that he would be heading to our house first since he had this box for us that was chirping a lot. Want to get to know your mailman? Order baby chickens. You’ll either have a new friend or you’ll never get mail again.

We did our research and chose 10 more breeds to add to our family. Everyone arrived safe and sound this morning. And, yes, we named them with a theme again.

Truffle, a Barred Plymouth Rock
Cheesecake, a Buckeye
Trifle, a Jersey Giant
Charlotte, a New Hampshire Red
Parfait, a Light Brown Leghorn
Blueberry Muffin, a Blue Andalusian
Pudding, a Black Star
Pie, a Buff Orpington
Honey, a Blue Cochin
Fruitcake, a Golden Campine

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