WKNO FM Pledge Dinner

Last Saturday we had the opportunity to cook dinner for for a great couple and their friends to thank them for supporting WKNO FM. We offered to make dinner for the highest pledge made during our on-air appearance on WKNO during their pledge drive. I’m so glad these folks support WKNO. It’s just a shame they had no idea what they were getting into with a meal from us. Here is the menu we prepared using recipes from The World in a Skillet.

Appetizer Course
WKNO Appetizer
Little Tokyo Tuna Tartare, Ohitashi, Cucumber Kimchi

Angela was in fine form with her plating. Everyone was wowed by kimchi rosettes

Kimchi Rosette

First Course
Pastel de Choclo

Second Course
Tarhana Corbasi, Chicken Kebab

We served the pastel, a Bolivian corn, chicken, and sausage pie in individual ramekins. The tarhana corbasi, a paprika and mint flavored Turkish yogurt soup, was served with a Kurdish chicken kebab on the side. It wasn’t that the dishes weren’t photogenic. It’s just that we were trying to stay out of the weeds, so we didn’t get photos of the finished dishes.

Third Course

Cevapcici, Bosnian hand-rolled sausages made with a blend of beef, lamb and pork served with kajmak cheese spread and avjar vegetable spread on flatbread we picked up at Jerusalem market.

Fourth Course
Twice Cooked Pork
Twice Cooked Pork

Again Angela’s plating was impressive with her bok choy “pagodas.” This was everyone’s favorite dish.

Dessert Course
Calas, Mato ke Nabinyebwa

The picture is of calas, a New Orleans sweet rice fritter, straight out of the fryer. The mato ke nabinyebwa is a traditional Ugandan dish of plantains and peanut butter. Angela added allspice simple syrup for extra sweetness and Hatcher Dairy cream to make it into a mousse.

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