Farmers Market Sandwich

farmers market sammich

Warning: objects in picture are larger than they appearWe braved the elements this morning to go the Memphis Farmers Market. Once we were out of the rain, it was a great day: cool enough to just enjoy being out and not as crowded as it has been the past couple of weekends. We saw friends, bought food for the week, and just happened to have a great idea for supper tonight.

We made a sandwich. Yes, a sandwich. Bread, cheese, meat, some green stuff – nothing to get all worked up about. Except that it was really incredibly awesome. And you really wish you had one. But now you have to wait until next week because we didn’t tell you about it earlier. But I’ll tell you all about it now.

It all started with a nice round loaf of Ono Bake Shop’s Volcano Bread – cheddar, black pepper, and onion. It was so fresh and soft that it was just begging to be a bun for something. Then we saw Bonnie Blue goat cheese. I liked the thought of their smoked chevre with that bread. Then we got to the Dodson‘s table in time to get some beautiful fresh arugula. And then the piece de resistance — a loin tip roast from Neola Farms.

It was nice and simple to put together. We seared the roast on both sides for 3 minutes each and then put in a 500 degree oven for 10 minutes to finish it since we wanted it nice and rare. We split the bread like a hamburger bun and sliced the chevre nice and thin. When the roast came out of the oven, we turned the heat down to 300 and put in the bread with the cheese layered over the bottom half to toast for 10 minutes. While the roast rested for 5 minutes, we spun some arugula in the salad spinner and whipped up some Duke’s mayonnaise with some Ancho chile powder. Then we sliced half of the roast into thin long slices. When the bread and cheese came out, we assembled our sandwich.

Is your mouth watering yet? You’re just lucky that we were able to hold Patric back long enough to get some pictures. He most definitely approved of our dinner selection. And he wasn’t the only one. The meat was meltingly tender, the bread was slightly sweet and so very fresh, the cheese gave a nice creamy smokiness, the arugula added a peppery freshness, and the mayo added just the perfect hint of spice. Is it next Saturday yet?

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