Hello, Minnesota!

Through careful scientific analysis, we have determined that the population of Minnesota is 3,780. Or, at the very least, that the population of slightly off-center folks at buzz.mn is 3,780.

Today, we got comments on our piece on fried chicken pizza. We get comments, but that piece was written a while back, so we thought it a bit odd. Then our friend and personal wine guru Benito wrote to let us know that we had been mentioned on buzz.mn.

We were mentioned by James Lileks, author of The Gallery of Regrettable Food. I have never expected Ruth Reichl to put our blog in Gourmet, but I had hoped to at least avoid being called regrettable. (I get enough of that from Mama Squirrel.)

It turns out that July 6, 2007 is National Fried Chicken Day. We were mentioned because James Lileks thinks fried chicken pizza is a good idea. And not only were we mentioned, but we were recognized as the official inventors of fried chicken pizza. Patent office here we come!

And in the mean time, hello, Minnesota! You’re welcome back anytime. We’ll keep the cast iron seasoned just in case anyone wants to drop in for a pizza.

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