Majestic Diner

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On our previous Atlanta trip, we passed a restaurant that seemed to have a magical pull over us. How can anyone resist the neon siren song of “‘food that pleases’ – since 1929”. Back in Atlanta for New Q and a trip to the High Museum of Art, we had our chance to visit Majestic Diner.

En route to the High for our dose of European culture via the Louvre exhibit, we decided to have an all-American breakfast at the diner. Inside the diner, we found exactly what we expected, booths by the window, stools at the counter, stacks of plates near the griddle. What was interesting was the eclectic crowd of both customers and servers. With a collection of interestingly tattooed young servers, we found ourselves in the midst of the Suicide Girls version of the American diner.

You don’t need Flo and Mel for an excellent breakfast though. We had fare that was great energy for a long stroll through the museum and also good American grounding before we faced all that European finery. I think we’ll go back soon and celebrate Annie Leibovitz with a nice cheeseburger.

Majestic Diner
1031 Ponce De Leon Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30306
(404) 875-0276

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