Quench your thirst

We took Squirrelly, Jr., and his friend to the Liberty Bowl. It was Teh Boy’s second football game and his friend’s first. Neither one of them are sports enthusiasts, so they weren’t impressed. Mama Squirrel and I had a good time even though South Carolina was on the good end of the seesaw over Houston when time ran out. I still think my “Gamecock, it’s what’s for dinner.” campaign could work.

For Teh Boy(s), the highlight of the trip was the food. They went straight for the funnel cakes. Mama and I had Pronto Pups and shared a turkey leg before wrapping up with Hawaiian shaved ice on the way out of the stadium. We also had the option of pizza, nachos, Polish sausage and onions, chicken on a stick, dill pickles, and more. The best thing, though, was the first thing we saw.

As we were going in, we were too focused on finding our seats to look at the food. Just as we got to our section, though, I noticed a walking vendor with a tray of unusual looking beverages. He was carrying clear plastic cups. The liquid was too light to be soda, but there was ice, so it wasn’t beer. Surely it wasn’t. Oh but it was. We had just settled down in our seats when the vendor came by shouting “Ice cold! Ice cold! Ice cold sweet tea!” Teh Boy ponied up his $3 just like that.

I know that food at sporting events is becoming cuisine. Our Grizzlies offer excellent barbecue from Neely’s. I have seen, but not tried, incredible-looking beef tenderloin sandwiches at Redbirds games. Still, short of Thomas Keller bringing me an In ‘N’ Out burger in my seat, I can’t think of a higher achievement in sports food than a refreshing glass of sweet tea. I love the South.

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