What’s cooking in the pot at the end of the rainbow?

Wailea Lanai Rainbow

Mama Squirrel and Squirrely, Jr., have given me a brief update on their dining in the Aloha state. Monday night, they dined at Roy Yamaguchi’s. Mama had the tasting menu. Teh Boy had chicken teriyaki for himself, and he tried each of Mama’s dishes as well. They promise to blog all the details, as soon as they quit wasting time having fun in their tropical paradise.

One thing that Mama has had twice is perfectly seared tuna. One of our favorite dishes. Teh Boy’s favorite item so far seems to be coconut syrup. He says sometimes he just drinks it.

On the homefront, Sorta Sister Squirrel and I are going to Paulette’s tonight for their monthly wine dinner. SSS loves Paulette’s. A four-course meal there just may make her head explode. That would be fun to see. SSS and I will post our Paulette’s story soon.

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