Our First Egg

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We went out today to check on the ladies, and take them some stale bread to peck at. Amidst all the hubbub, we noticed that someone was missing.

Mama Squirrel peeked into the coop to find Satay, our Rhode Island Red, nestled down into one of the nesting boxes. Mama started cooing, “do you have something for me?”

Mama reached under Satay, and sure enough, there was a beautiful brown egg. We very carefully began rejoicing. Careful not to break our treasure. For her part, Satay took the big piece of bread that Mama offered her and headed straight to the run with the rest of the ladies.

We’re going to take our one precious egg with us tonight when we have dinner with The Viking and The Honeybee. We’re going to let The Viking cook it for us. And we will toast the accomplishment with a nice French sparkling wine. Seems appropriate.

And I guess maybe now I don’t have to threaten the ladies with the frying pan.

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